Innovators in Point of Care Diagnostics


XING is developing diagnostic nanotechnology platforms which aim to:

Provide precision in guiding therapy

Enable early and accurate diagnosis as well as monitoring of disease

Reduce the costs of screening for disease

Provide portable real-time diagnosis

The application of this technology is global, detecting genomic markers in applications such as:

Human health

Human wellness



Animal health


The 3 key areas addressed by XING Technologies are:

XING Diagnostics

  • Enabling rapid, cost-effective diagnostics with the potential for point-of-care nucleic acid detection of disease

  • Utilizes nanotechnology to perform a comprehensive analysis of nucleic acids in urine, blood, saliva & biopsy material

  • Portable equipment requiring minimal technical expertise and training

  • Provides an accurate measurement less than 30 minutes

  • Can perform multiple tests at once

  • Adaptable to all pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) and cancer

XING Genomic Services

Provider for:

  • Whole genome sequencing

  • Whole exome sequencing

  • Targeted gene panels

  • RNA-Seq

  • meDNA profiling

  • Patient cohort studies

  • Bioinformatic analysis

  • Custom applications

XING Cancer Care

  • Guiding patients with their oncologists through cancer genomic testing to improve patient outcomes

  • Providing referring oncologists with ongoing information and support in cancer genomic testing and interpretation

  • Our XGP1000 Cancer Panel offers the most sophisticated genomic analysis in Australia

  • NATA ISO 15189 accredited

  • Expertise in translational genomics and precision medicine to expand offerings in monitoring, therapy recommendations, and disease prognosis