Executive Team

Dr Paul Mainwaring

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Paul worked as a medical oncologist for 25 years, with an emphasis on basic, clinical and translational research applying new technologies to deliver the best available personalised care to patients and their carers. He published extensively in the world's leading cancer journals including the New England of Medicine, Lancet, Lancet Oncology, Journal of Clinical Oncology amongst others.

After Paul’s initial Medical Oncology training in Sydney at Royal Prince Alfred and Royal North Shore hospitals he moved to the Royal Marsden in London – Europe's largest cancer hospital. Paul completed his MD in cell death at the Institute of Cancer Research and was appointed as a consultant at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trusts in 1999.

In 2002, Paul returned to Australia as Director of Medical Oncology, Mater Adult Hospital and in 2008 Paul transferred across into private practice in Queensland continuing his translational & clinical research. As part of this work he came across the disruptive nanotechnologies being developed in Queensland that could transform patient care.

In 2019, Paul transitioned across from working as a medical oncologist to XING to assist the brilliant team of researchers in bringing the XING vision to patients.

Tom Esplin


Tom Esplin is a senior company executive with over 35 years management and corporate advisory experience in medium-sized ($25M to $250M) companies in CEO, CFO, Board and Advisory roles. Tom has particular expertise in guiding companies through the growth phases from start-up to success, the fostering of positive corporate culture and the development of highly performing teams. Tom has also demonstrated aptitude to re-invent and rapidly turn around several companies experiencing severe financial stress.

Tom is bringing his skills and experience to XING to grow a dynamic and innovative organisation in the rapidly growing arena of personalised medicine. Since 2017 Tom has overseen the creation and execution of a viable strategy translating laboratory-proven nanotechnology and genomic expertise into tangible commercial product and service outcomes. Tom’s aim is to realise the vision and passion of the company founders i.e. to make transformational health care technology available globally.

Under Tom’s leadership, significant advances have been taken towards the vision: (a) the establishment of a genomic sequencing laboratory and a sophisticated 1000-gene cancer panel to enable accurate disease diagnosis with appropriate & effective treatment, and (b) development of a portable platform to rapidly and inexpensively diagnose disease-causing pathogens at point-of-care. Tom has assembled an exceptional team of talented scientific, medical, engineering and other professionals equally focussed and committed to develop and deliver XING’s unique and transformational technologies.